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First Look at Dark Horse Avatar Comic


Check out the preview for the upcoming Avatar Comic Book from Dark Horse/Lightstorm Entertainment




Free Comic Book Day on May 6th sees the first look at the new Avatar series by Sherri Smith and Doug Wheatley. And here’s your first look inside the pages…
Return to the wilds of Pandora and the world of the Nav’i from James Cameron’s groundbreaking film Avatar as Jake Sully connects with the flying Toruk, the majestic Great Leonopteryx, by remembering the depth of his bond with his twin brother and great partnerships of history and legend.

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New Official Visit Pandora Website launched


take a look at the Visit Pandora website , https://www.visitpandora.com , created by the team at Alpha Centauri Expeditions (ACE), the exclusive provider of tours to Pandora – The World of Avatar. The website will have all the latest updates, and you can learn more about all things Pandora, including the floating mountains, flying banshees, flora, and animals of the world.


Pandora - The World of Avatar Opening Date announced


Last year we were treated to some beautiful concept images of Pandora – The World of Avatar during D23 Expo’s Destination D: Amazing Adventures, including a look at the Satu’li Canteen dining experience, the Windtraders shop (where you can find Na’vi cultural items, toys, and science kits), and Pongu Pongu (where you can grab a beverage). We also learned about the Na’vi River Journey, where guests will enjoy a bioluminescent rainforest, and the Avatar Flight of Passage where guests will see Pandora atop a Banshee! We were blown away by the gorgeous world, and now we have even more exciting news: The opening date of Pandora – The World of Avatar in Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World has been announced: May 27, 2017.
We finally have a date and now we’re starting the countdown! Here’s the brand new image we were also treated to : https://a.dilcdn.com/bl/wp-content/uploads/sites/25/2017/02/Pandora-Image-2-1200x675.jpg

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Jennifer Connelly Joins James Cameron's 'Alita: Battle Angel'


Christoph Waltz, Mahershala Ali and Ed Skrein are also on the call sheet.
Jennifer Connelly has joined the cast of Alita: Battle Angel, James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez’s ambitious adaptation of the popular manga graphic novels.
The movie is currently in production in Texas with Maze Runner actress Rosa Salazar playing the title character.
Christoph Waltz, Mahershala Ali and Ed Skrein are also among those on the call sheet for the Fox franchise hopeful.
Rodriguez is directing the pic, while Cameron and his Lightstorm Entertainment partner Jon Landau are producing.
Set in the 26th century, Alita tells of a female cyborg (Salazar) that is discovered in a scrapyard by a scientist. With no memory of her previous life except her deadly martial-arts training, the woman becomes a bounty hunter, tracking down criminals. The action-adventure story is meant to serve as a backdrop to themes of self-discovery and the search for love.
Connelly will play one of the villains.

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If Terminator fans missed out on buying the iconic soundtrack of “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” back in 1991, fear not. A brand new reissue of the Original Soundtrack Recording of James Cameron’s blockbuster hit is coming March 24th
Composed by Brad Fiedel 26 years ago, the legendary music from cinema’s greatest sequel will be available both on vinyl and compact disc!

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James Cameron Confirms ‘Avatar’ Sequel Scripts Are Finished & Begin Filming in August


Avatar was revelatory to behold on the big screen, and few movies since have had such colorful bombast to them. And then there are the myriad pleasures and technical accomplishments strewn throughout The Abyss, Aliens, and the first two Terminator films, four of the greatest big-studio sci-fi works of the 1980s and 90s. Right now, however, all attention is on the Avatar sequels, and Cameron took to The Daily Beast this weekend to give an update. Here’s what he said:
So how is Avatar 2 coming along? Obviously the first one is the all-time box office champ, so the bar is set pretty high here.
The thing is, my focus isn’t on Avatar 2. My focus is on Avatar 2, 3, 4, and 5equally. That’s exactly how I’m approaching it. They’ve all been developed equally. I’ve just finished the script to Avatar 5. I’m now starting the process of active prep. I’ll be working with the actors in the capture volume in August, so I’m booked in production every day between now and then. Our volume is up and running, and everything is designed, and so we’re going full-guns right now. I feel like I’ve been let out of jail, because I’ve been in the writing cave for the last two years. I’m actually enjoying life. I don’t enjoy writing. I wouldn’t wish writing on a dog.
This is a pretty big milestone for Cameron, who has been working on these Avatar scripts since he came down from Avatar‘s Oscar high and probably even before. Now, we’ll just have to wait to see how the movies themselves come out over the next few years.
Avatar, mind you, wasn’t the only thing Cameron was talking about in this interview. He addressed the rumors of him possibly directing a Star Wars or Marvel movie, to which he said that he wouldn’t want to work in someone else’s “house,” which makes complete sense. He talked about his upcoming NatGeo doc, Atlantis Rising, which will premiere on the network soon and looks pretty engrossing from what’s been released of it. And, finally, he came to the topic of famed angry baby and President of these United States Donald Trump, whose war against the environment and human decency has made Cameron particularly furious, cynical, and bewildered. “These people are crazy,” Cameron said when speaking of Trump and Scott Pruitt, while also referring to our current society as “the biggest freakin’ idiot civilization in history” in relation to how we treat Earth. It’s hard to argue about that reasoning but…oh, who am I kidding? There’s no arguing that reasoning at this point

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James Cameron Reveals Why Jack Had to Die


It’s a question that’s plagued Titanic fans since the beginning: Couldn’t Rose have made some room for Jack on that floating door instead of leaving him to die in the icy water?
After 20 years and $2 billion at the box office, director James Cameron finally has an answer: Nope.
“Look, it’s very, very simple,” he told The Daily Beast in an interview published this week. “You read page 147 of the script and it says, ‘Jack gets off the board and gives his place to her so that she can survive.’ It’s that simple.”
Cameron goes on to reference the TV show Mythbusters, whose hosts tackled the Rose-Jack door conundrum back in 2012. In that episode, they found that Rose (Kate Winslet) and Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) could have survived together on the raft by using their life vests to keep the door propped up. Cameron, who appeared at the end of the episode, said the hosts were missing the point: "The script says Jack dies, he has to die. Maybe we screwed up. The board should have been a tiny bit smaller. But the dude's going down."
In his recent interview, he explains that it would have taken an agonizing five to 10 minutes for hypothermia-stricken Jack to have removed his life vest, remove Rose’s life vest, swim underwater, and find a way to properly attach the vests to the raft. (Interestingly, Jack wasn't wearing a life vest in the movie, but whatever.)
“[Jack's] best choice was to keep his upper body out of the water and hope to get pulled out by a boat or something before he died,” Cameron says, adding playfully that the Mythbusters hosts are “fun guys” but “full of s**t.”

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ATLANTIS RISING will have its world premiere, this coming Sunday


ATLANTIS RISING will have its world premiere, this coming Sunday, January 29 (9PM EST/8PM CST) on the National Geographic Channel in the United States.
ATLANTIS RISING follows executive producer and Oscar-winning legend James Cameron; three-time Emmy-winning filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici; and a group of archaeologists, scientists and historians as they set out to unravel the mystery of the lost city of Atlantis.
Check out the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mV446K6d_m8


Cameron links find of bronze-age anchors to lost city of Atlantis


TITANIC director James Cameron thinks he’s found Atlantis. His documentary team has stumbled upon a cluster of six 4000-year-old anchors just outside the entrance to the Mediterranean.
Myth? History? Or just a good storytelling opportunity?
The idea of an advanced ancient civilisation lost to history certainly has eternal appeal.
It’s certainly been a favoured subject among documentary makers.
Now Oscar-winner James Cameron joins them.
His National Geographic series Atlantis Rising goes to air in the United States this weekend.
Suitably, he’s got a tantalising find to pin his narrative upon
Is there more to Atlantis than just an ancient fireside tale?
The idea exploded among the modern popular imagination with pseudoscientific books such as Erich von Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods in 1968 and, more recently, the likes of Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock.
Atlantis has been linked to just about everything: The pyramids were really an astral power station to charge its technology. Its survivors seeded just about every ancient civilisation. It was buried under Antarctica’s ice (or off the Bahamas, or Japan, or just about any mysterious place).
There are more plausible, though equally unproven, theories.
It could be a distorted memory of the Black Sea Flood which saw a vast swath of Europe engulfed about 5600BC. Or a memory the Minoan palace vaporised on the island of Santorini erupted, sending tsunamis through the Eastern Mediterranean at some point around 1600BC.
That last one looks particularly enticing.
But the fact remains all we really have is a few throwaway lines included in two moral tales written by the Greek philosopher Plato. Most academics feel this was likely to have been an allegorical warning to the then vibrant city-state of Athens not to turn its back on the gods.
Oceanic explorer Robert Ballard beat Cameron to the Titanic in 1985. Now Cameron’s attempting to go one better.
“We set out to investigate the most interesting theories that argue that there is some kind of history behind the myth of Atlantis,” Cameron says.
Expedition leader Richard Freund (an archaeologist from the University of Hartford) is more ebullent: “This is the world’s most sophisticated and extensive search ever made.”

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Berlin Festival Adds Digitally Restored 'Terminator 2,'


The newly restored, 3D version of James Cameron's Terminator 2: Judgment Day will have its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival this year as part of the Berlinale Classics lineup.
The 3D conversion of Cameron's 1991 action blockbuster was carried out by the director's Lightstorm Entertainment shingle together with DMG Entertainment and distributor StudioCanal, which will handle the rerelease of the film. The move follows the successful 3D restoration and rerelease of Cameron's Titanic in 2012, which grossed an additional $200 million in its 3D version.
"Famous for its one-liners, Terminator 2: Judgment Day set a new bar for special effects and became a cult film. We're very pleased to be celebrating the release of the new 3D version of the classic here in Berlin," said festival programmer Rainer Rother.

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Cameron Teams with AMC for Documentary Series About Science Fiction


Science fiction cinema wouldn’t be what it is today without James Cameron. Not only has the director’s work on movies like The Terminator and Aliens influenced countless filmmakers today, but his advancements in visual effects and technology behind the scenes have made once seemingly impossible dreams come to life on the big screen. And now, he’ll chronicle the evolution of the genre he helped influence in a new documentary series.
At their Television Critics Association winter tour panel, AMC announced that they were teaming with James Cameron for a new documentary series that will chronicle the origins of science fiction, from being a cult genre to a pop culture phenomenon.
The Hollywood Reporter was on hand for AMC’s announcement of the series that is tentatively called James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction, which could probably use a better title. According to the trade, the series “introduce one of the ‘big questions’ that humankind has contemplated throughout the ages and reach back into sci-fi’s past to better understand how our favorite films, TV shows, books and video games were born and where the genre — and our species — might be going in the future.”
So much of sci-fi has influenced real life technology, from cell phones to computers (which are essentially the same thing now) to space travel and much more. Examining the history of the genre and how its various forms have impacted society should prove to be fascinating for all the sci-fi fans out there, especially with the perspective of James Cameron and some of his fellow writers and filmmakers bring on the table.
Here’s what Cameron had to say about the project:
“When I was a kid, I basically read any book with a spaceship on the cover and I saw 2001: A Space Odyssey many, many times. The movie inspired me to become a filmmaker. I liked the special effects, but I really loved the ideas and the questions behind them: How will the world end? Will technology destroy us? What does it mean to be human?
These are subjects sci-fi has never been afraid to tackle. With this series, we are going back to the origins of sci-fi, following the DNA of these ideas back to the source. Without Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, there wouldn’t have been Ray Bradbury or Robert A. Heinlein, and without them, there wouldn’t be [George] Lucas, [Steven] Spielberg, Ridley Scott or me. As a filmmaker who specializes in science fiction, I’m interested in exploring the struggles and the triumphs that brought these incredible stories to life and seeing how art imitates life, as well as how science fiction imitates and sometimes informs science.”
Sounds like something that will be worth watching on AMC. However, we’ll be waiting a little while before we get to see it because it’s not slated to arrive until sometime in 2018

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Terminator fans around the world have anxiously been waiting for official worldwide release dates to be announced for Studiocanal & DMG Entertainment’s 25th Anniversary theatrical re-release of “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” with a brand new 3D conversion supervised by none other than James Cameron himself. Well it appears the fans in Australia will no longer have to wait.
According to Studiocanal’s latest release schedule (updated the 12th of December, 2016), “Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D” will be theatrically released in Australia this April 2017.
While the specific day in April 2017 is still undetermined, this is the first time we have ever learned (in any continent) the exact month T2 in 3D will be released theatrically to the public. In regards to Australia, now we know. We hope release dates for the rest of the world will be announced soon.

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James Cameron writes in support of Marianas Trench Sanctuary


(Press Release) — James Cameron, director of Hollywood blockbusters “Avatar,” “The Abyss” and “Titanic,” has penned a letter to President Barack Obama asking him to “finish the work of protecting the Mariana Trench Marine National Monument through a national marine sanctuary designation.”
Cameron is also the only human to ever dive solo to Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench, the deepest point in the world’s ocean.
The letter states that the Obama administration has built a legacy of ocean protection unrivaled by any president in American history. The letter also points to the role of the ocean as the planet’s largest ecosystem and crucial role as a climate regulator.
“Large, strongly protected marine reserved have emerged as important policy solutions which carry the dual benefit of both marine climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies,” wrote Cameron. “By increasing ocean health, strongly protected marine reserves are one of the most efficient means to protect Earth and its climate.”
The International Union for Conservation of Nature recommends protecting 30 percent of the ocean.
“We are thankful to Mr. Cameron for helping us bring more protection to the Mariana Trench,” said Ignacio Cabrera, Chairman of the Friends of the Marianas Trench. “His dive in 2012 shone a bright light on our unique and globally significant natural resources, now he is helping us bring attention to the need to protect it for our kids and their kids.”
In September, Gov. Ralph Deleon Guerrero Torres and U.S. Congressman Gregorio Camacho Kilili Sablan wrote to President Obama, kicking off a local effort to bring the NOAA Sanctuary program to the Northern Mariana Islands.
The plan has raised the ire of the vice chair of the controversial Western Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Council, who argues that industrial fishing and deep sea mining are a better use of these rare ecosystems and natural resources (Marianas Variety online comments, Jan. 6, 2017). However, the plan enjoys the support of nearly every elected official in the Northern Mariana Islands, including the Legislature, mayors, and municipal council members.

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Watch James Cameron Tour His Avatar Theme Park


It's been seven years since Avatar was released, and the wait continues for Avatar 2 to hit theaters, which is now expected to be in late 2018. However, Pandora will be accessible to the public even earlier...in a way. It was announced in 2015 that an Avatar-themed area would be added to the Animal Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort in summer 2017, and in last month, we got our first look at one of the Na'vi residents. As a fun Christmas treat, a cool tour of the upcoming attraction has been uploaded, and it clearly blew director James Cameron's mind.

While not all of Pandora: The World of Avatar has been finished yet, a new video on the Disney Parks YouTube channel provides fans a first look at the attraction. Needless to say James Cameron, the man who created over 20 years ago and is directing these movies, was able to personally see the work being done, and it's safe to say he's impressed. The video combines peeks at the physical setting that's been built so far with concept artwork and clips from the 2009 movie, and the overall result is staggering. Joe Rohde, the Senior VP Creative at Walt Disney Imagineering, called the project, a "custom designed, complex, programmed piece of show equipment." In layman's terms, Disney isn't skimping to make this all look at realistic as possible, and the folks who came together to work on the attraction included digital design artists, structural engineers and robotics technicians.
Some of the highlights attendees can expect on the Avatar attraction include the Na'vi river journey, flying over the landscape of Pandora and walking underneath the jungle planet's mountains. While we won't know until how the final product will look for approximately another half year, this video does a goo job of demonstrating how immersive of an experience it will be. James Cameron even admitted that despite creating this mythology and knowing all the mechanics and engineering that went into the construction, he's amazed by how it's all come together. Of course, this is just one of many additions that are coming to the Disney Parks soon. Both the California and Florida branches are having a Star Wars Land installed, and Toy Story-themed areas will be added to both Hollywood Studios and the new Disney park in Shanghai, China.
As for the continuing Avatar cinematic experience, Avatar 2 is expected to arrive in theaters on December 21, 2018, and three more movies are set to follow in the years after. If you're eager to "explore" Pandora before then, start planning a trip to Disney World for next summer so you can be one of the attraction's first visitors


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Site Update: Terminator Printed Media sections


The Terminator and T2 Printed Media sections have been upgraded. You can view the section on The Terminator licensed comic books here and the section on the T2 licensed comic books here


Cameron Wants His Avatar Sequels to Inspire Environmental Activism: 'Climate Change Is Happening Right Now'


Even the self-proclaimed “King of the World” is concerned about the future — but maybe James Cameron‘s next round of Avatar films can help inspire action and solutions.
When he isn’t making some of the biggest box-office blockbusters of all time, the writer-director-producer (The Terminator, Titanic, Avatar) turns his focus to the environment. As an enthusiastic undersea explorer, Cameron, 62, admits he fears that expected upcoming changes in the government’s priorities could signal perilous times ahead for the planet.
“I think it’s exactly as bad as it could possibly be right now,” Cameron told PEOPLE Tuesday before hosting the 40th Annual Rolex Awards for Enterprise at Hollywood’s Dolby Theater, a gala event in which the elite timepiece maker honors men and women who are pioneering scientific breakthroughs.
In the wake of the recent presidential election, Cameron said he’s feeling pessimistic about the future of recent advancements in environmental policy. “I was hoping that this would be a pivot in history where we’d finally really energize and move forward, take the momentum that’s been gained, hard won over the last few years, and move forward,” he said. However, “we just got hit in the teeth with a brick.”
But if the government won’t be part of the solution to escalating environmental woes like climate change, he’s hoping to inspire audiences to action through his film and television projects.
“Personally, I no longer believe in political solutions,” he said. “As a storyteller, as a media guy, I’m now going to put all my energy into telling this story at a grassroots level,” he said. “We’ve just seen democracy in action, I think not for the betterment of the world, but for the worse. And we need to get democracy in action for the betterment of the world. So I intend to be as loud a voice as I can be in helping people understand that these challenges affect them.”
One of those influential projects, he suggests, could be the upcoming continuation of Avatar, his record-shattering 2009 sci-fi film featuring themes of environmental protection that he wrote and directed. Cameron has four Avatar sequels in development, with the first scheduled to be in theaters by 2018.
“It’s a fictional format and it’s primarily entertainment,” he noted. “But the first film, I don’t think it preached [conservation]. I don’t think it told you specifically what to do, but what I do think it did was remind us how important nature is to us, in our kind of true hearts as human beings, and how we’re drifting away from it. And when it’s out of sight it’s out of mind, and we’re systematically destroying it.”
“I think Avatar allows us to reconnect spiritually,” Cameron continued. “And then all of our other activities with documentaries and so on will be about giving people actual, proximal things that they can do.”
Among his non-fiction projects he’s producing is Showtime’s Emmy-winning documentary series chronicling increasing evidence of global warming.
“This is not some hypothetical thing, and it’s happening,” he said. “Climate change is happening right now. Hopefully we’ll get another season or two from that. It’s about communication at this point.”

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Sigourney Weaver, James Cameron and Gale Anne Hurd surprise the Aliens Live audience


Aliens Live enjoyed its World Premiere on Nov 6th and the fan reaction was overwhelming. Every time a memorable scene or piece of dialogue was played out onscreen, there were loud roars of applause and approval from the capacity crowd. You almost forget just how many great lines Bill Paxton has in that movie!
The evening came to an emotional end with an extra special surprise. Aliens director and cinema legend James Cameron took to the stage with lead star Sigourney Weaver and Producer Gale Anne Hurd. They joined conductor Ludwig Wicki and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to pay tribute to the late composer James Horner and to take a final bow to celebrate this amazing 30th anniversary event. The crowd went crazy, and it was a particularly nice touch for Horner to get a rousing tribute.

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James Cameron’s "Years of Living Dangerously" Season Two Premiere


On Thursday, November 10th, at 6:30PM, Inspiration of Sedona will present a free Arizona premiere screening of National Geographic Channel’s season two of James Cameron’s Emmy award-winning documentary series “Years of Living Dangerously,” followed by an open, public discussion. You are invited to see season two’s episode two, Gathering Storm, of this exciting, critically acclaimed documentary series. For more information, visit yearsoflivingdangerously.com. View trailer at http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/years-of-living-dangerously/videos/flooding-in-miami/. Episode two features Jack Black and Ian Somerhalder. If nothing is done to curb carbon emissions, Miami is in danger of being underwater by the end of the century. Jack Black is there to find out if and how the city and other low-lying coastal areas can survive rising seas. He finds a political and business community in denial and talks to a few lone legislators, residents, activists and scientists trying to do something before it’s too late. Ian Somerhalder journeys to the Bahamas to investigate the future threat of superstorms, caused by rising sea temperatures, whose devastating effects could reach biblical proportions. At the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, he joins scientists on a deep dive to explore blue holes, underwater caves that have collected the remnants of past storms for centuries. Produced in collaboration with The Years Project and from executive producers James Cameron, Jerry Weintraub and Arnold Schwarzenegger, “Years of Living Dangerously” once again features some of Hollywood’s biggest influencers who are passionate about environmental issues, and it reveals emotional and hard-hitting accounts of the effects of climate change from across the planet. These Hollywood actors and producers act as correspondents that give first-person accounts from locations — some shockingly close to home, others in far-flung corners of the globe — where the effects of climate change are most prevalent. They cover crucial issues, like severe hurricanes, deforestation, the solar energy crisis, climate migrants, historic droughts and the rapidly increasing extinction rate of our planet’s wildlife. The result is a gritty and raw look at not only how our species has impacted our planet but also how we can save it for future generations. The first season was hailed as “the most important television series ever,” “unexpected, character-driven stories” and “compelling, and frankly terrifying.” “Years of Living Dangerously” won the 2014 Emmy award for Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series and was executive produced by James Cameron, Jerry Weintraub and Arnold Schwarzenegger, along with Emmy-winning “60 Minutes” producers Joel Bach and David Gelber, and climate expert Daniel Abbasi. This premiere screening comes to Sedona at a time when the City of Sedona is currently looking at a number of ways to fulfill having sustainability as a fundamental goal of its community plan

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Terminator 2 3D to screen this weekend


Every year, the American Film Market (AFM) in Santa Monica, California is the premiere global marketplace where Hollywood’s decision makers and trendsetters all gather under one roof. Unlike a film festival, the AFM is a marketplace where production and distribution deals are closed. In just eight days, more than $1 billion in deals will be sealed (on both completed films and those in every stage of development and production) making AFM the must-attend industry event.
There will be roughly 700 screenings this year of approximately 400 films, and one of those new films will be the much anticipated “Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D”! Screening two shows only this weekend, a lucky group of people that work in the film industry will be the first ones to see James Cameron’s legendary film in all its 3D glory! Here are the T2 AFM Screening Times:
Friday, Nov. 4th : 1:00 PM – ArcLight Screening Room #1
Saturday, Nov. 5th : 11:00 AM – ArcLight Screening Room #7
While a select few can see it as early as tomorrow, unfortunately the regular movie going audiences and Terminator fans will still have to wait until 2017 to see “Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D”.
What is also interesting is one source reported the T2 in 3D screenings to be 157 minutes in length! Does this mean director James Cameron authorized a 3D conversion of his Special Edition?
As most fans are aware, the original 1991 theatrical and home video release of the blockbuster hit “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” had an approximate running time of 137 minutes (2 hours, 17 minutes). However, two years later in November 1993, James Cameron officially released a Special Edition Director’s cut of T2 on home video which restored over 15 minutes of previously unseen footage resulting in an extended 153 Minute version of the film.
It is important to remember that there is an expectation of additional credits that will be tacked to the end of T2 in 3D, acknowledging all the hard workers who made this new 3D version of T2 possible. These 3D extended credits could explain the additional 4 minutes of length past the Special Edition running time (which results in the 157 Minute reported total).
Could this be our confirmation of which version of T2 we can expect in theaters next year?

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Cameron Promises Innovation in 'Avatar' Sequels


James Cameron promised to “push” innovation in service of storytelling in his Avatar sequels as he accepted an honorary membership in the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers on Friday night during the society’s black-tie Centennial Gala. The distinction is the society's highest honor and has been reserved for such influencers as Walt Disney, Ray Dolby and George Lucas.
For the sequels to Avatar — the most successful movie ever made — the filmmaker, tech innovator and explorer said, “I'm going to push. Not only for better tools, workflow, high dynamic range and high frame rates — the things we are working toward. I’m still very bullish on 3D, but we need brighter projection, and ultimately I think it can happen — with no glasses. We’ll get there.”
VFX pioneer and motion picture innovator Douglas Trumbull also was awarded the SMPTE Progress Medal, the society's most prestigious award, during the ceremony at the Dolby Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland.
The program, hosted by actor John O’Hurley, celebrated the pioneering spirit and innovation of motion picture and TV engineers, highlighting advances of the past century from the first recorded images to virtual reality. During the ceremony, Cameron, Trumbull and others emphasized that science influences art by giving filmmakers the tools they need to tell their stories.
Cameron told the estimated 500 guests that movie “magic has to amaze … and that involves constant creation of new tools and techniques. The audience’s eyes adjust to what we did, and so we need to up our work.”
The director — who was presented with his honor by his Avatar VFX supervisor, four-time Oscar winner Joe Letteri — received enthusiastic applause as he told the room full of tech experts, “You’re my peeps. … To be acknowledged by engineers is so much more meaningful to me, truthfully, than all the glitz of the artist side of Hollywood. … I like sitting in a room with a bunch of smart people and solving technical problems.”
He also gave a shout-out to his fellow honoree, saying Trumbull's VFX on 2001: A Space Odyssey inspired him to become a filmmaker.
Accepting his award from four-time Oscar-winning VFX pioneer Richard Edlund (Star Wars), Trumbull — who is launching his MAGI Pod system that supports 4K, 3D at 120 frames per second in an effort to draw people out of their houses and into theaters — also addressed evolving cinema technology. He noted that Ang Lee’s Nov. 11 release Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, which used an approach to 4K, 3D at 120fps, is “getting mixed reviews because this is shocking a lot of reviewers. … They don’t quite know what to do with it.” But he reminded the crowd that “2001 got terrible reviews when it opened.” Today, Stanley Kubrick’s sci-fi classic is revered as one of the most influential films of all time.
Trumbull asserted to applause, “It’s time to give [new cinema technology] a chance, because everything is changing."
One of the reasons influential filmmakers such as Lee and Cameron are exploring high frame rates (HFR) is to learn how this tool might reduce or eliminate the issues in 3D that can cause viewing discomfort.
Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter on the red carpet, Cameron elaborated: “I think [high frame rates] is a tool, not a format. I think it’s something you want to weave in and out and use it when it soothes the eye, especially in 3D during panning, movements that [create] artifacts that I find very bothersome. I want to get rid of that stuff, and you can do it through high frame rates.
“In terms of that kind of hyper clarity, there may be some films that benefit from it," he continued. "But I feel you still have to have a little bit of that veil of unreality that comes with [today’s commonly used] 24 frames per second. This is my conclusion now. I don’t think you do it wall-to-wall, I think you do it where you need it.”
As for the sequels to Avatar, Cameron said in addition to HFR, he’s working on “HDR, 4K for native stereo reduction, all the plethora of things we can do with CG that we couldn’t do or were so difficult. I’m going to need a lot of water [simulations], dynamics sims. And merging water, air, fire, all that sort of stuff together into complex simulations is going to be essential for the Avatar films."
He asserted: “Movies are going to look better than they’ve ever looked. They already do and they are going to continue [to look better]. Anything we can imagine, we can put on the screen.”

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Cameron’s ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ Adds Eiza Gonzalez


Eiza Gonzalez has joined the cast of James Cameron’s “Alita: Battle Angel” opposite Rosa Salazar, Jackie Earle Haley, Ed Skrein, and Christoph Waltz.
Robert Rodriguez is directing and Cameron will produce with Jon Landau through his Lightstorm Entertainment banner. Cameron and Laeta Kalogridis will write the screenplay, based on Yukito Kishiro’s manga series.
The story is set in a 26th-century dystopian future and follows an amnesiac cyborg played by Salazar. After being rescued from a scrap heap by a doctor, she becomes a bounty hunter tracking down criminals.
Cameron and Landau are also currently in pre-production on four “Avatar” sequels. Fox has already set a July 20, 2018, release date for “Alita: Battle Angel,” which is expected to carry a budget between $175 million and $200 million.
Rodriguez and Gonzalez already team on the El Rey Network series “From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series,” currently in its third season. Gonzalez can next be seen on screen in Edgar Wright’s upcoming action comedy “Baby Drive,” opposite Kevin Spacey, Jon Hamm, and Ansel Elgort.

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It’s finished Terminator fans! After eight long months of post-production work, the long awaited 3D conversion of the blockbuster film “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” has finally been completed and it is now ready to go to print for theatrical release! The highly anticipated 3D converted classic will debut in China first, followed by a worldwide release.
With the completion of “Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D” occurring a couple weeks ago, director James Cameron and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger met in Beverly Hills, California to celebrate the momentous occassion! And on the day both Hollywood legends decided to celebrate finishing T2 in 3D, they also recognized it coincided with the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. So in honor of that festival’s tradition, both James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger tasted Chinese festival treats like “moon cake” and tea!

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'Avatar’ Interactive Exhibit Launching in Taiwan in December


The interactive exhibit “Avatar: Discover Pandora” will launch on Dec. 7 in Taipei, Taiwan — about two years before the first of four James Cameron sequels arrives in theaters.
The announcement was made Monday by global events provider GES, along with Lightstorm Entertainment and Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products.
GES is partnering with Beast Kingdom to bring “Avatar: Discover Pandora” to the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi’s Xinyi Place for a three-month showcase. The exhibit offers a series of immersive environments that highlight Pandora’s diverse flora and fauna, exotic wildlife, and the culture and mythology of its indigenous people, the Na’vi.
GES, in collaboration with Lightstorm and Fox, will tour the exhibit to additional global markets after Taiwan.
Kathy Franklin, Lightstorm’s president of franchise development, said, “Our fans around the world often tell us that they wish they could travel to Pandora, and this touring exhibition gives us a unique opportunity to bring the wonders of Pandora to them. This exhibition has something for everyone, from fans of the film who want to experience Pandora in a brand-new way as they await our four theatrical film sequels, to families looking for an exciting activity, or to school groups wanting to explore science through an inspiring lens.”

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Joseph Baena Recreates Iconic 'Terminator 2' Scene


Joseph Baena doesn't just look like his famous father, Arnold Schwarzenegger, he also mastered his mannerisms.
The 18-year-old college student stars in a near shot-for-shot remake of the iconic scene in Terminator 2: Judgment Day when Schwarzenegger's cyborg character steals a motorcycle -- and some pretty cool shades -- as George Thorogood's "Bad to the Bone" blasts in the background. watch the video here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENSdhADvYIM

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Terminator 2 Will Get a 3D Re-Release in 2017


August 29th is a big day in the Terminator mythology. It’s Judgment Day—the day Skynet became self-aware and blew the world to hell. To celebrate this year’s anniversary, the franchise announced that Terminator 2: Judgment Day will get a 3D theatrical release in 2017.
If this all sounds a bit familiar, give yourself a gold star. In 2015, news broke that director James Cameron was working on the 3D version of the film for a 2016 release. That, obviously, didn’t happen, but today the official Facebook posted the first T2 in 3D poster (POSTER)
Unfortunately, there is no news on when specifically this will be happening, or how wide the release will be. The original plans were for the 3D version of the film to screen mainly for China and it’s likely that’s still the plan.

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Happy Birthday James Cameron!


The fans and the JamesCameronOnline team want to wish Jim a very happy birthday. Keep climbing those muntains!


Cameron & Disney Will Open Immersive ‘Avatar’ Theme Park In 2017


When it hit theaters in 2009, James Cameron’s Avatar earned plaudits for fully immersing moviegoers in the 3D reality of the planet Pandora. But starting in 2017, the franchise will be working to push that idea into a new arena.
io9 has the word that Cameron and Disney’s shared theme park attraction Pandora: The World of Avatar is set to open next year just in time for the pre-hype for the movie’s sequel.The attraction will essentially be a park within a park within a park as it will take up a chunk of the Animal Kingdom part of DisneyWorld in Florida.
While details are scarce outside of some early concept art, the attraction will get a full rollout at the D23 Destination D: Amazing Adventures event, set for Nov. 19 and 20 at Walt Disney World Resort.


Climate change video directed by James Cameron heats up the DNC


Climate change is one of the biggest issues of our time – and it should be a hot topic in this year’s presidential election. At the Democratic National Convention, actress Sigourney Weaver introduced a video directed by James Cameron that contrasts the opposing views of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on climate change. Titled “Not Reality TV,” the video reveals how climate change affects everything from hurricanes to agriculture to fires to drought. You can view the video here - https://www.washingtonpost.com/video/national/climate-change-highlighted-in-convention-video/2016/07/27/bdd0812c-5455-11e6-b652-315ae5d4d4dd_video.html


Aliens 30th Anniversary Comic Con Panel


You can view the video of the entire panel here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqRjzU-G_ow


James Cameron stars in Tourism New Zealand video


Filmmaker and explorer James Cameron wrote his own script for a new Tourism New Zealand video showing off some of this country's most spectacular sights.
Cameron, whose movies include hits Avatar, Titanic, and The Terminator, and who is also a deep-sea explorer, has a coastal estate in Wairarapa.
The new video was of "immeasurable value", Tourism NZ chief executive Kevin Bowler said
In the video Cameron and his wife Suzy Amis Cameron are shown in the South Island walking on the Tasman Glacier, kayaking through a Dart River canyon and flying in a helicopter over Blanket Bay. They also hike on the alpine Routeburn Track, cycle beside Lake Pukaki and visit Mt Alfred in the Glenorchy area.
The video was filmed over four days in January. Brief titles at the end identify Cameron as the writer of the "original words" in the video.
Cameron, who is Canadian, talks about spending an hour each way travelling to school as a child. During those times he would be absorbed in a book, which took his mind to other worlds.
He describes nature's imagination as "boundless", while human imagination was "meagre". His last comment is: "Curiosity. It's the most powerful thing you own."
Bowler said he was confident the Cameron video would inspire more people to visit this country.
"Having someone of the calibre of James Cameron sharing his personal stories and insights while exploring some of New Zealand's most beautiful places is of immeasurable value for New Zealand," Bowler said.
Cameron said he first visited New Zealand in the mid-90s. "I came as a stranger, I knew very little about New Zealand, and I left in love with it. Not just the beauty of the land that is very seductive, but the dynamic spirit of the people. I had never felt a connection to a place that strongly before. And I never really lost that dream.
"If you enjoy the outdoors and you enjoy a sense of adventure, you're not going to be able to beat this place anywhere in the world," Cameron said.
"If you happen to like helicopters like I do, you could see ten of the most stunning places you'll see in your lifetime in a day. If you are driving, an hour and a half or two hours, the country just unrolls toward you like an IMAX film."
Tourism NZ said Cameron and his family divided their time between New Zealand and California, with Cameron "immersed in the development of the next Avatar at their Wairarapa home.

you can view the video here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TdKLyvesVE

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20th Century Fox and the Alamo Drafthouse recently celebrated the Alien franchise with Alien Day, but there’s still more celebrating to be done with this series. July 18th marks the 30th anniversary of James Cameron‘s Aliens. For the occasion, Cameron, producer Gale Anne Hurd, Sigourney Weaver, Bill Paxton, and more will participate in a panel at the quickly approaching San Diego Comic Con.
Below, learn more about the Aliens 30th anniversary celebration.
Entertainment Weekly first reported on the event. Their own Anthony Breznican is set to host the panel, which will also feature Lance Henriksen, Paul Reiser, Michael Biehn, and Paul Reiser. The Q&A will take place on Saturday, July 23rd in Hall H.
While speaking with EW, Cameron, who typically doesn’t participate in these sort of events, said Aliens is a personal milestone he doesn’t mind looking back on in front of 6,500 people or so at Comic Con:
You know, it’s interesting. I don’t normally pursue these kind of nostalgia moments like we’re going to do down at Comic-Con, and I didn’t do it much at all for Terminator on its 30th, but there’s something about Aliens. It was a milestone for myself and Gale because the film got seven Academy Award nominations.
Cameron added Aliens was his and Gale’s “graduation”:
All of a sudden, we were playing in the big league. So looking at it retrospectively, you know, [Gale] and I both feel that was more of our graduation, or breakthrough, than Terminator — even though Terminator’s the film that put us on the map.

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20th Century Fox has also announced a 30th anniversary special edition home video release of Aliens. After the fantastic anthology box set the studio released in 2013 — which features great behind-the-scenes footage of James Cameron on set, often clashing with the English crew — this new Blu-ray edition doesn’t appear to be much more than a double dip. The only additional extra is a new interview with Cameron discussing “the design and inspiration of the film.” The director is always candid and engaging in bonus features, but the anthology set is packed with plenty of extensive special features as is, so some fans may just want to save a few dollars and keep that copy of Aliens.
If anything could convince fans to go for the double dip, maybe it’s the packaging, which includes art cards with Cameron’s concept sketches and a book featuring art from Dark Horse’s Aliens comic book series. Here’s the set:


The 30th-anniversary edition of Aliens hits DVD and Blu-ray September 13th. The release includes both the theatrical cut and the (sometimes redundant) extended cut. If you’re attending San Diego Comic-Con, you can also pre-order your Blu-ray at Fox’s booth. The first 250 people to order the set will receive a lithograph image of Ripley fighting the Alien Queen.




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